RHA Landscape Architects-Planners, Inc.
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  Riverside, California 92506
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Better Design Through Understanding

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Established in 1979, RHA Landscape Architects-Planners, Inc. offers a variety of landscape architectural and planning services to assist public agencies and private developers in the design of variety of public and private spaces and facilities.

  • Regional Parks
  • Community Parks
  • Neighborhood Parks
  • Sports Facilities
  • Recreation Areas
  • Preservation of Natural and Historical Sites
  • Government Centers
  • Public Office and Administration Facilities
  • Golf Courses
  • Shopping Centers/Retail/Commercial
  • Mixed Use Housing/Commercial
  • Hotels/Hospitality/Entertainment
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • Business Parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Master Planned Communities
We are dedicated to the concept of a thorough environmental design process, and we are motivated toward providing personal service.
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